Breakdown Cover for Travel with Pets

Travel by motor vehicle is a very curious thing. While it is in motion and in good repair, our modern cars are like a tiny, moving, house. There are amenities like communication, air conditioning, and a metal or fiberglass skin to keep off the elements. This is especially important when traveling with a pet, for then your vehicle represents a temporary holding area for your four-footed family member. Mechanical Breakdown with Pets When your vehicle breaks down, the scenario changes. Your vehicle might shelter you for a short while, but motor vehicles are not sufficiently insulated to protect occupants against extreme heat or cold. They are sufficiently airtight, however, for the sun to turn the interior into a death trap for small children, pets or elderly who are trapped inside. Therefore, if your car, truck, van or SUV has a mechanical failure in summer, your first step needs to be to move everyone and everything living to a safer place. Humans can understand verbal explanations, but your pet might be excited or frightened. This can make rescues difficult. Planning for the Worst Your first planning step is to discuss what might happen if your pet is in the vehicle with you when you call for help. You might be asked to restrain your pet or to even remove it to a location away from the vehicle. Large dogs are especially problematical when someone invades what they perceive as their territory. However, if your dog is well trained and you have a leash on hand, the process becomes easier. Cats or small dogs are easier because chances are good that you are traveling with some sort of carrier. If you need transportation other than your vehicle, you have a new problem. Not all rental companies or taxis will allow an animal in their vehicle. They have other passengers, some of whom might have allergies, to consider. Having a plan in place with your breakdown provider can make a huge difference in an emergency situation. Things to Keep in Your Vehicle There are things you can keep in your vehicle that will help both human and fur family in an emergency. Here is an easy-to-read list:
  • Potable water
  • Treats or pet food for animals
  • Up to date vaccine records for pets
  • Leash and collar or harness for pets, or a pet carrier
  • Bowl for water for your pet, cups for humans
  • Concentrated food bars or similar items for humans
  • Emergency medicines for any family member who takes regular meds (these can be carried with the person.)
  • Emergency triangles
  • Flashlight (electric torch)
  • Space-age thermal blankets – can be used to keep off precipitation, holds in heat or reflects heat
  • Set of mechanic’s tools
  • Spare tire or cheater tire
  • Carjack
Keep Your Kit Small but Usable If you have a compact vehicle, you will be limited on the items you can carry with you. It is important, therefore, to have things that can be stored in a small area. Concentrated foods, ponchos and space blankets, emergency leash, collar, and harness – for just in case. A small tool kit that includes universal items such as a screwdriver with interchangeable heads, a pair of pliers, and a small ratchet wrench set that matches your car. The only thing that cannot be compacted is water. You Might Never Need Your Kit You might never have a mechanical breakdown while abroad with your pet is in the vehicle. You might never need your emergency kit. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good thing to have. Like a prepper’s hoard, you need to change out the perishables periodically so that they will always be ready to use.